Enjoy life.

Butler’s Club takes care of the rest.

Maximize your productivity.

Butler’s Club takes care of the rest.

Be there for what really matters.

Butler’s Club takes care of the rest.

01 - Butler’s Club

Our mission: Give you time to live fully

The Butler’s Club is an elite club offering exclusive services that significantly improve members’ quality of life. A leader in personalized concierge services, Butler’s Club relies on its team of experienced professionals to constantly push the boundaries of refinement and art of living.

Our one goal: give you the peace of mind you dream of.


Home management

Daily, monthly or seasonal tasks and maintenance.
We are your home’s eyes and ears.


Renovations/home maintenance

Minor and major home renovations.
Our experts take care of your home repairs and improvement projects.


Courier services

Shopping, errands and deliveries.
We will find everything on your list.


Vehicle maintenance

Regular maintenance appointments, repairs and detailing.
We have the knowledge and resources to ensure your vehicles get first-rate maintenance.


Chauffeur service

Safe, stress-free transportation without the hassle of parking.
The right place, at the right time… We get you there. Always.



Home security services and courtesy visits when you are away.
We are there so you can leave with complete peace of mind.


Event Planning

Turn-key event planning. Weddings, parties or corporate evenings.
We take care of everything so you can focus on celebrating.

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Butler’s Club

« It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined. »

- henry james

« The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams »

- Eleanor Roosevelt

« Freedom is not the absence of commitments,
but the ability to choose.” »

- Paulo Coelho
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Our mission :
Give you time to live fully

«Homo iPonus» et son tournevis - Patrick Lagacé
Assistant personnel : tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir - Sylvia Galipeau
Conciergerie à domicile : du temps en banque – Alexandra Perron
À la recherche du temps perdu – Anne Gaignaire
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Butler’s Club
gives you time to live fully.

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