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Personal Services

Personal Services

Home management

The Butler’s Club has the workforce and the connections to satisfy any demand, from minor maintenance to major renovation work. You wish to have someone pick up your mail and maintain the house while you’re away? Take care of the lawn? Call the plumber? We can do all that.


You can now have the gift of ubiquity thanks to the Butler’s Club! Our runners can take care of your grocery shopping, your dry-cleaning, your various errands and deliveries while you enjoy life. Good to know: they are experts at giftwrapping.

Vehicule maintenance

Are vehicule check-ups, tire changing and car cleaning chores to you? Let us take care of it! Our vehicule management specialists know what to do, how to deal and how much to pay in this field; they’ll keep your car, motorcycle or boat in top-notch shape, at the best possible price, and with the minimum fuss for you.

Animal care

If you have neither the time nor the inclination to walk, groom or bring your pet to the vet, don’t worry: The Butler’s Club has hired animal lovers who will do all that, with extra love and care.


Save time and feel like a CEO with our professionnal chauffeurs who will make every trip a safe, efficient and highly enjoyable one. No more stress from traffic, parking, itineraries: you’ll always be at the right place, at the right time, and in the best disposition.